BTS, They don’t even have 10 bodies

The awards ceremony is in trouble because of BTS, the core of the awards ceremony, has yet to confirm their participation.

original post: theqoo

1. Because there are so many awards ceremonies, the awards ceremony continues to increase but the singers only have one body.

2. BTS has a tight schedule, but it’s scary when the awards ceremony takes place so much that it becomes dull … Stop making awards ceremonies without authority

3. The singers are pitiful … There are too many awards ceremonies just to make money;

4. Bangtan attended many awards ceremonies last year. It’s great that they just want to attend the appropriate awards ceremony this year.

5. It’s hard to sit during the awards ceremony.

6. Honestly, Bangtan doesn’t need to attend. No one deserves to receive Daesang awards except Bangtan

7. There are too many useless awards ceremonies

8. There are so many unnecessary awards ceremonies …. And some awards ceremony last year is funny, right? .. Most of what happens is that they make money by voting .. Singers have a hard time preparing their stage..

9. Don’t attend useless awards ceremonies

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