CNN “BTS’s economic effect, over 56 trillion won by 2023”

BTS will have an impact of $48 billion on Korea's economy by 2023

CNN published an article titled “Why the past decade saw the rise and rise of East Asian pop culture”, and in it, predicted that by 2023, BTS would have an impact of 56.16 trillion KRW (48 billion USD) on Korea’s economy.

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1. [+506, -13] They have an impact of 56 trillion won, but the army’s holding them backㅠ

2. [+343, -13] Do we have to send the legend of this century to the army? This is a national detriment, we should not compare their enlistment with the general public.

3. [+211, -0] I’m so proud of them. BTS forever. Don’t get sick. Good luck with the show~~

4. [+176, -2] Wow, 56 trillion won…

5. [+129, -10] Let’s exempt them from military service~~

6. [+36, -1] Don’t send these kids to the army

7. [+29, -0] A three-day concert that equals annual sales of six mid-sized companies… BTS is so amazingㄷㄷ

8. [+23, -1] How many trillion won will we throw if we let BTS join the army?..ㅠ

9. [+23, -1] CNN even said, “Korea’s scholars have not yet awakened from the Joseon Dynasty…”

10. [+22, -0] It’s not 56 billion won, it’s 56 trillion won… If BTS joins the army, it’s a national detriment, a waste of money. Can we not exempt them or run an alternative service? There are many different forms of military service.

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