BTS wore Louis Vuitton outfits today

Louis Vuitton
2021 FW

original post: theqoo

1. RM looks so good with that outfit

2. The outfits are neat, so nice

3. RM’s outfit is so unique and pretty

4. Everything is beautiful~ I watched the stage well~

5. I was hoping for the outfits made by their stylist rather than the luxury brand outfits, so I was a bit disappointed

6. In my eyes, BTS looks better than the models in those outfits

7. J-Hope is so pretty

8. It’s not too formal, it’s not too casual, and it looks very well-proportioned ^^

9. They are all pretty no matter what they wear

10. Great!!!!!! Hobi and Namjoon’s outfits were saved because they wore them….

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