‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’, BTS’s blood, sweat, tears hidden behind splendor

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1. [+275, -1] BTS is a great combination of great people. Individuality, visual, and ability are all great, and there is no lag, no overlap, and everyone has a lot of consideration, so there’s even better results~~~

2. [+106, -0] I always cheer for you. I really enjoyed the BTS movie.

3. [+101, -1] I wonder if there will be another group like this?

4. [+80, -0] It’s time for me to reflect on my passion. Thanks BTS.

5. [+66, -0] The only reason I can’t help but support BTS every day

6. [+26, -2] Great, handsome and good personality. How to have someone else like that in this world? I love you, Jungkook.

7. [+25, -1] Jungkook oppa is handsome.

8. [+25, -1] Jungkook, I love you.

9. [+25, -2] Jungkook’s voice is amazing. You’ve been soothing me.

10. [+25, -2] I always support BTS. Thank you so much … Let’s have a good rest.

11. [+17, -0] Their abilities and talents seem to be several times better because of their personality and feelings. If you like BTS, how can you see yourself? Do you give your heart and passion to what you want and like? The movie naturally makes me think a lot.

12. [+14, -0] They are in their 20s, but they have great passion and control and are good at managing. And I realized that overseas tours is a battle between physical and mental strength. I was sad to see V and Jungkook, and Namjoon was so happy to say something.

13. [+10, -0] I like BTS songs, and I became a fan because of the great performance. I have experienced a process of being indebted to them for their sincerity, effort, character and intelligence. It’s touching me.

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