BTS’s ‘Boy With Luv’ on Melon chart after over 1 year

BTS's 'Boy With Luv' on Melon chart after over 1 year


It’s a good song to listen to

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1. I think ‘Boy With Luv’ will run longer than ‘Spring Day’

2. The song is so good.. If the weather is not good, the ranking will decrease. If the weather is good, the ranking will increase… But I like this song, so I listened to it in the winter…

3. The song is good and perfect for the weather these days…

4. It’s a good song to listen to right now

5. I listen to ‘Boy With Luv’ a lot in the streets these days

6. The number of daily users is 200,000… I bet their fans must really work hard everyday

7. There are comments saying that this is because of their big fandom.. How can fans maintain the song ranking for more than 1 year? You guys are just jealous..

8. If it was a result by the fans, why aren’t other songs on the chart? I don’t know anything else, but the public listens to ‘Boy With Luv’ more than fans.. This song is just a popular choice. If you look at ‘Boy With Luv’, the daily ranking is higher than the other songs..

9. Because the song is so good

10. I think there are always kids who try to reject BTS ‘achievements

11. People listen a lot because they like the song~ ~ ~ ~ ~ It’s perfect for the weather right now

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