BTS’s first talk show ratings on KBS ‘Let’s BTS’

Part 1 4.4% / Part 2 4.1%

original post: theqoo

1. Well, the viewer ratings are a lot higher than I thought. They are definitely a national idol group

2. Last night I was watching TV and I accidentally watched it~ Everyone looked so friendly and the atmosphere was so good

3. I was expecting the viewer ratings of the show is 2-3%. It aired at the same time as VLive and it was not a late Monday night original show, but it was better than I thought

4. Oh, it’s better than I expected

5. Even though it was a special show at midnight but the ratings were good!!!

6. Compared to You Quiz, it’s not fun but the viewer ratings are pretty good

7. For BTS fans, I’m just happy because I feel like I received a gift from You Quiz + Let’s BTS. It was a happy time 👍💜

8. Wow, it’s really good

9. There was discussion about the mayor of Seoul on another broadcast. Also, a lot of people watched the show through VLive. I enjoyed it yesterday

10. Oh, I’m surprised it’s better than I expected

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