BTS Jungkook caused a car accident … During the police investigation

According to the Yongsan Police Agency in Seoul, Jungkook was booked on violating the Road Traffic Act after it was found that he was driving his Mercedes-Benz in the Hannam-dong neighborhood, and crashed into a taxi while violating an unnamed traffic law. The accident occurred on November 2.

Both Jungkook and the taxi driver suffered bruises as a result of the accident, and were treated at the hospital.

We can’t confirm the exact details of the incident because we would violate the crime of publication of facts of suspected crime. We are currently investigating the details of the incident. – Yongsan Police Agency

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1. [+4382, -1816] Violating traffic laws? Trash

2. [+1647, -152] Jungkook is a minor these days??

3. [+962, -130] ⚠️This comment has been deleted by BTS’s fandom.

4. [+2033, -1476] Drunk and driving without a license

5. [+666, -115] It’s really scary .. I’m not a fan, but I just came here because of the hot news. The article said that Jungkook caused a car accident due to a traffic violation, but in the comments, ‘he drove while drunk’ .. Don’t you see people who died because of malicious comments? It’s so scrary

6. [+459, -32] We will have to find out the truth, but even if you are a fan, don’t cover it up.

7. [+408, -120] Jungkook seems to be stuckㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It starts from the issue of his tattoos

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