[2019 KBS Song Festival] BTS performances are reminiscent of their concert

BTS's performances at 'KBS Song Festival' are reminiscent of their concert

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1. [+679, -37] Wow, it was the performance of all time. Why are they so amazing?

2. [+295, -19] It was the best performance!!! World star

3. [+204, -16] As expected, world class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. [+132, -9] BTS is amazing <3<3<3<3 So cool

5. [+96, -3] It feels like the camera ruined BTS’ all-time performance. They often grab the audience seats without having a good look at BTS, wiping out the entire impression. BTS is also very impressed by the overall performance of the members… Catching the camera is worse than SBS yesterday.

6. [+65, -4] I knew why BTS was the best. The stage performance is incredible.

7. [+68, -10] When watching BTS’ performance, my mom said, “They’re really good. They’re #1 in the world.” “When they need to be soft, they’re soft and when they need to be strong, they’re strong and they’re full of life.” BTS is the pride of our country.

8. [+60, -3] I want to say that BTS is BTS even though I’m a fan of another group. All the members seemed really happy when they sang ‘Mikrokosmos’. So I was happy ㅠㅠㅠㅜ I always cheer for them.

9. [+53, -2] It’s the best performance ever… Once a year! Camera director. Couldn’t you really prepare as much as the singers? Wouldn’t it have been better to prepare for the stage that has a huge influence overseas?

10. [+44, -2] Young people always work hard. First of all, it’s a million times better than SBS. And BTS was awesome. I sincerely hope BTS builds up their careers without getting hurt.

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