Burning Sun butterfly effect …YG to repay 67 billion won to Louis Vuitton

Burning Sun butterfly effect, YG to repay 67 billion won to Louis Vuitton

YG Entertainment is reportedly preparing to repay the 67 billion won investment from Louis Vuitton Moe Hennessy (LVMH).

YG Entertainment received a total of 61.15 billion won from Louis Vuitton in October 2014 with a promise to convert the shares to stock or cash 5 years later. The 135,99688 shares will be converted at a price of 44,400 won. If LVMH chooses not to convert the shares and requests a repayment, YG will have to repay 67 billion won plus 2% annual interest.

Burning Sun butterfly effect, YG to repay 67 billion won to Louis Vuitton

According to the IB official, “YG has been struggling to deal with the investment ever since the beginning of the year when ‘Burning Sun’ scandal broke. As a result of the constant news in the media and the declining stock price, Louis Vuitton sent YG Entertainment a preliminary letter requesting a repayment if the situation doesn’t improve. The actual official repayment request is expected to be sent to YG Entertainment by the end of July or August as is customary.”

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1. [+4954, -57] Naver is their 2nd largest shareholder, so Yang Hyun Suk will never be investigated …

2. [+2054, -66] Honestly, businesses like YG have no social awareness that must be excluded from business … they can adversely affect society if they do not fulfill their social responsibilities …

3. [+1062, -19] Are you kidding? Naver is their 2nd largest shareholder and they will never want to mess with the national pension … just by looking at it you can imagine the outcome ..

4. [+920, -50] Things wouldn’t have gotten this bad if he didn’t debut with Seo Taiji .. Yang Hyun Suk is just a natural born thug …

5. [+712, -15] The most angry are the shareholders of the National Pension.

6. [+171, -0] YG accounts for 5.5% of the national pension … the public’s blood must be seething right now …

7. [+146, -7] Even if BTS goes abroad, there’s a reason why it’s hard to find articles on Naver.

8. [+96, -2] Why do our national pensions invest in YG?

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