June 15 and 16 ~ Busan City is considering plans to turn on purple lights for tourist sites to welcome BTS fanmeeting

Busan covered in purple light to celebrate the fanmeeting of BTS
Busan covered in purple light to celebrate the fanmeeting of BTS

On June 15 and 16 in Busan, to celebrate the fanmeeting of BTS in Busan, a plan will be made to light the purple light of the local tourist sites.

Busan City Council, saying it will change the lighting of Gwangan Bridge, Busan Harbor Bridge and Yongdusan Tower into a purple symbol.

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1.Why is BTS purple?

2. It attracts foreign tourists. Like in America.

3. They want to say that BTS is coming. Tourists will come here.

4. If you see foreign fans in Gwangju before. It is a good idea to promote tourism.

5. The city was promoted and attracted tourists and it was good. If foreigners come back and have good memories in Busan, it’s good to come back again.

6. After Taehyung said: “It’s purple”, the symbol of BTS is purple.

7. If they do that, I also want to go to Busan to see it.

8. If this event is known by the foreign fans of BTS, it will be profitable for Busan. Of course, it can promote different tourist destinations without a big effort.

9. I don’t know about Yongdusan. Busan Harbor Bridge and Gwangan Bridge are places of constant color change. Even if it is fixed by purple, the public may not know …

10. It’s good to promote overseas fans to Busan.

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