Park Jin Young, class is forever… Guests Byul, Rain, Sunmi → Sing together, a warm concert

On December 30, Park Jin Young held his “NO. 1 x 50” concert at Olympic Hall in Seoul.

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1. [+2140, -42] Park Jin Young is amazing~

2. [+1930, -33] He has been doing what he likes, and he has been successful… The agency that doesn’t have a junkie.. He’s a good person!

3. [+896, -22] A great artist

4. [+664, -74] Korea’s top agency

5. [+393, -4] J.Y.P

6. [+183, -6] JYP is the only agency in Korea that has a good relationship with the singers who have left the agency.

7. [+160, -1] To maintain that relationship with people who have already left JYP shows that he’s a good person. I don’t know what’s difficult, but the more successful people like Park Jin Young, the more difficult it is.

8. [+109, -6] He deserves respect.

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