‘Lee Seunghoon didn’t explain the suspicion’ WINNER, can the fan meeting be held after two weeks?

Can WINNER hold a fan meeting after two weeks?

WINNER will hold a solo fan meeting on the 29th.

Lee Seunghoon‘s management company YG Entertainment didn’t have any response. Public relations staff of YG sent a letter “I will contact you later” without receiving calls from reporters.

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1.[+651, -64] They’re having a fan meeting in a situation like this.

2. [+377, -71] He’s not the only one who’s been mentioned. It’s just that he hasn’t been caught yet.

3. [+537, -283] In the position of Lee Seunghoon, there is no choice but to do so. I think Yang Hyun Suk or the board members contacted him. He’s a bad singer. I don’t know what to say with this.

4. [+223, -28] Lee Seunghoon’s moral hazard is the problem. It’s not a crime. It’s too vague to be in the public as it is?

5. [+139, -4] The nature of scandal is not him. Don’t get burned.

6. [+105, -8] When Lee Seunghoon said that BI used drugs with Han Seo Hee, he called her and said, “Is that really true?” And when senior people knew about him, they sent him to a meeting. Han Seo-hee only shared her contact information with Mr. K.

7. [+136, -46] How can they hold a fan meeting in this situation? Even the official figures say they should cancel this. Let’s have a fan meeting and cry? It’s crazy. That’s.

8. [+72, -4] It’s not Lee Seunghoon who should be criticized. The nature of scandal is being blurred.

9. [+65, -10] Controversy is always made by a reporter.

10. [+60, -7] I’m not a big fan or S.H.I.E.L.D. From his point of view, can’t you report it or ignore it? What a shame. I’m not saying he did a good job, but I’m sure he did.

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