Cha Eunwoo’s facial expression in new drama

original post: theqoo

1.I didn’t expect his acting.

2. He really can’t act

3. He seems to trust his face and doesn’t practice acting.

4. I’m not sure he’s acting good or not if I only look at the photos.

5. The feeling of Kim Tae Hee

6. It’s okay … how can a person be 100% perfect …

7. He doesn’t know how to use facial expressions.

8. Does he not attend acting class?

9. He has a handsome face, but he can’t control his facial expressions.

10. He should only be a singer and a model.

11. It will be okay if it’s a sitcom, but historical drama are weird ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

12. What is the genre of this drama? It is not an authentic historical drama, but a drama adapted from comic?

13. Everyone here is giving prejudice about idol’s acting.

14. The man Lee Yeon Hee is real

15. He doesn’t seem to know his acting ability ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ Historical drama is harder than modern drama.

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