‘1N2D’ Show Cancelled From Today… Jung Joonyoung’s Shock -> Cha Taehyun, Kim Junho Golf Betting Crisis Management

Cha Taehyun steps down from all TV shows and apologize for betting his golf games

1N2D broadcast announced the end of their show today.
Cha Taehyun steps down from all TV appearances

Apology letter:

Hello. This is Cha Tae Hyun.
First, I’m incredibly sorry…
Contrary to what was said in the reports, I did not golf abroad. We golfed together in Korea, thinking it was a fun game, and I returned the money immediately at the time. Although it was something we did for fun, after seeing what I posted in the group chat, I feel overwhelmingly ashamed. As a public figure who has received lots of love, I consider [my actions] to be completely unacceptable.
I’m incredibly sorry to my fans, whom I have disappointed through this matter, and to the viewers who have given their love to “2 Days & 1 Night”…
I’m truly sorry that the other members [of “2 Days & 1 Night”] will be negatively affected by my behavior. Therefore, as of now, I intend to step down from all of my programs.
As the father of a family, I’m extremely sorry to my children and to my family, and I will take time to reflect on my own actions. I apologize.

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Cha Taehyun steps down from all TV shows and apologize for betting his golf games

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1.[+2,066, -75] Our dad too, he went to the billiards game today and bet on his game, please write an article about him too (t/n: sarcastic)

2. [+1,266, -30] Everyone is jumping on the bangwagon right now, it’s so disgusting, please stop this already you trash journalists

3. [+1,127, -13] Wow they really dug this out, please dig on Jang Jaeyeon’s case now too please, and stop diverting the attention

4. [+1,028, -38] Yeah investigate MuDo’s 100 hamburgers bet too while you’re at it. (t/n: sarcastic)

5. [+491, -18] Because of that Jung Joonyoung f*cker, a few more people got harmed along the way

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