Choikang Changmin and Kim Jongdae’s polar opposite wedding news

There’s really a huge difference between someone who wrote it half-assed and someone who wrote it with his heart

“Hello. This is TVXQ’s Changmin.

There is something I want to tell fans myself, so I am taking the courage to write this letter. It is not something I can say easily, so I am very nervous right now as I write each word.

On one hand, my heart feels heavy and apologetic thinking that my sudden news will shock and maybe upset some fans who always support me with great affection. However, I felt that it is my duty to share news of a major event in my life through my own words rather than through the words of others.

Approximately 17 years have passed since I debuted as a singer. Through that time, a high school student who was naive and imperfect at everything has now reached my mid 30s. I have spent almost half of my life as a TVXQ member.

Looking back, there was a time swept up in uncertainty when Yunho and I along with fans did not know what would become of TVXQ, but fans protected TVXQ, and because you gave us great love, we have been able to grow until this point. Thank you so much.

As you are aware due to a news report from a while ago, there is a woman I am currently dating. We have had a good relationship with trust and faith in one another, and naturally I decided that I want to continue my life together with this person, so we made the decision to have our wedding in September around the time when the heat will cool down. Through this letter, I once again express gratitude to Yunho who supported my decision and was happy for me in addition to our agency staff who gave me sincere advice.

I believe that my path ahead will hold greater responsibility than the path I have walked on until now. Therefore, I will do my best in every moment and with every task I’m given more properly, and I will work to be the head of a household and also TVXQ’s Changmin who can give back more to everyone who supports and encourages me

Although the weather feels like sweltering summer, these days it feels like a lot in the world has been frozen cold. Everyone take good care of the health of your bodies and minds, and I sincerely thank you for reading this long letter.” cr

“Hello, this is Chen.

I have something to say to my fans, so I wrote this letter. I don’t know how to start, so I am very nervous. I wanted to be the first one to tell my fans who I love so much, so I am leaving this post even with my lacking sentences.

I have a girlfriend who I want to be with for the rest of my life.

I was worried and concerned with what would happen with my decision, but I wanted to let everyone know early so my members, the company, my agency, and especially my fans who are proud of me wouldn’t be surprised by the sudden news, so I talked it out with my agency and the members.

During that time a blessing came to me. I was shocked because I wasn’t able to take part in the plans that I had made with the members and the company. But, this blessing gave me the strength and courage. I thought about how and when I should reveal the news but I didn’t want to wait any longer so I am carefully revealing it to you all now.

I am grateful to my members for genuinely supporting and congratulating me and to our fans for always showering us with insurmountable love. I will always be grateful for all of you and will continue to do my best in the position I am in.

Thank you always.” cr

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1. [+644, -0] Changmin… That’s some hard-pressed writing, and his handwriting, the way he separated the paragraphs and indented, you know that he put a lot of effort into his letter…..

2. [+420, -3] Choikang Changmin: Slowly but surely and firmly.. Kim Jongdae: Scribbleㅡscribble, I did it! Done!

3. [+365, -1] I’m so jealous of his fans that his letter makes fans want to congratulate him f*ck…..

4. [+346, -0] ✓ Spouse isn’t an attention seeker ✓ A normal marriage process ✓ Working hard in his main job ✓ Perfect writing, meanwhile he included what’s been happening until now, his future plans and things that fans may wonder about (including the member and company’s reaction) this is a standard wedding procedure

5. [+289, -1] Sorry but please don’t compare themㅠㅠ I’m an EXO-L and I feel too sorry for Choikang Changmin. Kim Jongdaddy seems like he rushed to write this letter before his ceremonyㅠㅠ Please don’t compare them

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