Dynamic Duo x EXO’s Chen, first collab in 3 years… Releases MV teaser for ‘You’

Chen collabs with Dynamic Duo for latest single 'You'

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1. [+375, -55] Chen said he’ll be doing music all his life~! I always support you.

2. [+253, -19] We can trust Dynamic Duo and Chen’s music, fighting!

3. [+249, -16] Chen, I look forward to this collaboration.

4. [+231, -34] Jongdae-ya, Thank you for singing. I waited ㅠㅠ I’m so excited

5. [+189, -14] Trusting and listening to Dynamic Duo and Chen’s song.

6. [+86, -0] I love this combination!! I look forward to this song.

7. [+70, -0] Dynamic Duo and Chen, the best combination

8. [+66, -1] I love it so much, I’m looking forward to this song!!!!!!

9. [+65, -2] Congratulations to our Chen and to Dynamic Duo too, please send a lot of love to their song

10. [+53, -2] We can finally hear his beautiful voice again. I support you.

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