Chicago Sun Times praised BTS Jimin’ ‘Serendipity’ stage

Chicago Sun Times praised BTS Jimin' 'Serendipity' stage

Chicago Sun Times, a famous American newspaper, has published an overall review of the concert.

The Chicago Sun Times reported that Jimin‘s elegant and sexy moves in the charming stage ‘Serendipity‘ highlighted his charm and received huge cheers from female fans.

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1.[+1217, -84] BTS’ Jimin Serendipity stage is simply art.

2. [+828, -49] When I saw BTS Jimin mysteriously and ecstatically performing the movements and tones of an angel, I felt like Jimin hovered in the air. The whole world loves Jimin, this is the Jimin effect!

3. [+744, -27] The stage of BTS Jimin’ Serendipity at the Chicago concert was so beautiful.

4. [+636, -20] The Serendipity of BTS Jimin was an elegant, sensual and well-known stage.

5. [+580, -17] It’s so mysterious, so powerful, yet elegant, so beautiful.

6. [+154, -0] The rain came more, the weather was cold and the stage was slippery, but it beautified the stage effect, so the Serendipity stage was even more attractive. BTS member Jimin, you did a great job. Thank you for the sexy, lovely and cutie.

7. [+116, -0] BTS Jimin’s solo stage, Serendipity, is so ecstatic and makes you feel like you’m in space. I can’t miss any of Jimin’s songs, facial expressions, or dances, so I forget to breathe. It’s a beautiful, artistic stage that only genuine Jimin can do. I was touched by Jimin who gave warm eyes to fans throughout the concert. I don’t mind staying up all night looking at photos of Jimin, you are so special and wonderful!

8. [+95, -2] BTS Jimin’s Serendipity stage is art.

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