BTS was racist again

Amidst the Asian hate crimes, a comedy TV show from Chile named “MiBarrio” is under fire for making a stereotypical and mocking parody of BTS. cr

Below is the full interview portion of their parody

original post: instiz

1. BTS is the pride of Korea.. But what the hell are those Chileans doing? They are stupid and disgusting

2. No, but do people from that country think it’s fun?? I just feel disgusting

3. Well, I guess BTS is so popular in Chile as well

4. They are stupid~

5. BTS didn’t talk about racism no matter which country they go to. Why are you guys always using BTS to show racism?

6. I feel bad for Chilean ARMY ㅠㅠ

7. Is this the 21st century?

8. I bet their brains are empty

9. They’re using racism as a joke..? Disgusting

10. Disgusting and trash

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