‘Burning Sun’ Anna, From “I Was Treated Unfairly”… To Acknowledging Supplying Chinese Customers With Drugs

Chinese MD Anna acknowledges supplying drugs to VIP customers at the Burning Sun

Chinese MD (Merchandiser) Anna was under suspicions of distributing drugs at the Club Burning Sun. She has acknowledged the allegations.

According to Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s investigation center, Anna has been tested positive for ecstasy and ketamine in a sample of her hair.

In the course of the investigation, Anna has acknowledge that she has provided drugs to the club and that Chinese customers brought drugs directly to the club.

Police have also reported that the Burning Sun’s executives were aware of the distribution of drugs.

Last October, Anna was already called in to he police as a suspect. On October 17th, the residence of Anna was searched and white powder and an unknown liquid was found. The police have then requested the liquid and Anna’s hair and urine for investigation.

Earlier in September of last year, Anna was arrested on several occasion for administering ecstasy and was ordered to be deported in October. However, she protested against the deportation, and has been working as an MD at the Burning Sun from the time she got exposed for drug use to January in order to attract Chinese VIP customers.

Meanwhile. Anna sued Kim Sangkyo for sexual assault last November.

Chinese MD Anna acknowledges supplying drugs to VIP customers at the Burning Sun

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1.[+209, -1] This womanㅋ just how laughable did she think our country was… even though she was tested positive on drugs, she wasn’t even properly punished

2. [+145, -3] Just hand her over to China, it’s the death sentence there

3. [+115, -2] Police: Aha even though you are tested positive, first of all, she said that she has been treated unfairly right?? Ok, I see~! You must have been treated unfairlyㅎㅎ You can go home now, rest well ^^

4. [+75, -1] She was tested positive but how come I didn’t know~~ Make sure she’s sent home ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+50 ,0] So she said that she did drugs before, but she also said that she never did drugs. She even said that she was treated unfairly. What is all this BS? ㅋ

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