Chinese netizens accused BLACKPINK of touching the pandas ‘national treasures’ without wearing gloves

On November 3rd, BLACKPINK’s online show ’24/365 with BLACKPINK’ shared a preview of the upcoming episode in which the members visited Everland amusement park to meet baby pandas.

In the video clip that was released, the girl group members took care of the pandas while being supervised by zookeepers.

However, Chinese netizens criticized and accused the members of illegally touching the baby pandas without gloves and masks. They also pointed out that the members came into contact with the baby pandas with makeup on. Chinese netizens stated that some baby pandas died due to canine distemper virus transferred from dogs and because the BLACKPINK members own dogs, they believe there is a risk this virus could be transferred to the baby panda.

One news media outlet even posted an article on its official Weibo account with the hashtags ‘Korean celebrities come into contact with pandas illegally’ and ‘Furious: They’re hurting the national treasures.’

The Chinese netizen urged not only BLACKPINK to apologize but for the Korean government to also apologize along with the Everland amusement park. They demanded them to immediately apologize for illegally damaging the pandas, which are China’s national treasures. cr

original post: theqoo

1. BTS, and now BLACKPINK? They are actually trying to get rid of K-Pop stars

2. What the hell are they talking about? BLACKPINK members are a thousand times cleaner than Chinese kidsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Why are the Chinese always like that?

4. It’s surprising that BLACKPINK and GD even advertise for Chinese companies and appear on Chinese broadcasts.. I hope K-Pop idols don’t come to China anymore…

5. Both BTS and BLACKPINK are popular in China, so I guess they did it on purpose…


7. What? Isn’t this the country that spread the virus worldwide in the 21st century?

8. Are there any laws that require gloves when touching pandas?

9. In your country they are national treasures, but in Korea, they are just cute animals

10. Ordinary Chinese people wouldn’t care if foreign idols touch raccoons with their hands or gloves, but I feel they are encouraging hatred at the government level

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