Seungri, Orders A Replacement Phone To Erase Evidences… Choi Jonghoon’s Testimony

Seungri changed his phone to erase the evidences

The police inquired Choi Jonghoon regarding why they changed their phones suddenly
he revealed “Seungri is the one who told us to change phones”
Jung Joonyoung also gave the same reason when asked the question.

All of them handed new phones to the police except for one person.

The police is now suspecting Seungri of changing his phone to erase the evidences. If the reason for which he decided to change cellphone turns out to be indeed the destruction of evidences, he could be arrested solely on the warrant of destruction of evidence

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1.[+383, -3] Seungri… This f*cker is the trash of all trash

2. [+214, -1] That’s the way they have to cannibalize each other, they can’t die alone

3. [+148, -1] The most impressive thing here is that he’s still not in jail

4. [+126, -0] That’s right Seungri-yah, get backstabbed and go down

5. [+100, -2] No matter how I look at it, Choi Jonghoon is the funniestㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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