Choi Yena doesn’t have the name ‘IZ*ONE’ listed on her sign in the cast introduction video

Eunhyuk is holding Super Junior, Seungkwan is holding Seventeen, Lee Mi Joo is holding Lovelyz, Jangjun is holding Golden Child

However, Choi Yena is holding the same sign as MC Jaejae, one that reads, ‘Girls’ High School Mystery Class’ cr

original post: theqoo

1. That’s because the show will be aired in May ㅠ…

2. IZ*ONE is disbanded… This is just fact

3. The show will be aired after IZ*ONE is disbanded…

4. Obviously, in a few more days she won’t be able to use the name IZ*ONE anymore

5. The show will be aired in May, of course she can’t use it even if she wants to use it

5. Wow… There’s like less than a week left

6. Choi Yena fighting

7. If her sign said IZ*ONE, that could have brewed up a lot of controversy

8. When this show actually airs, IZ*ONE will be disbanded…

9. I’m looking forward to this cast

10. So Yena is now in an idol group called ‘Girls’ High School Mystery Class’?

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