Chorong’s friend’s testimony on Pann

“I went to elementary school and middle school with Chorong. I was also at the incidents that were mentioned about Chorong by the accuser ‘Kim.’ I took up the courage to write this post because I felt Chorong was being targeted and the untrue things are being reported as if it was true.

In the articles, it says that Kim experienced school violence from Chorong but that is not true. Also, the articles reported that Chorong went out to drink every weekend and that is not true either.

You might think it’s an excuse but it was rare that Chorong would join our friends to go you drinking. She’s also not good at drinking.

I went to the same elementary school as Chorong and Kim.

I was close with Chorong but I was also close with Kim as well. Chorong was close with Kim too. From what I know, Kim and Chorong received the same tutoring in middle school and they met often in high school as well.

The events that are known currently are not school violence from Chorong but there was just a misunderstanding that formed between them. I remember Chorong crying when talking to me because she was hurt by what happened between Kim and her.

I told Chorong we should meet up with Kim and talk about why she did such things. When the three of us met, that’s when they had an argument. That’s why I had a conflict with my friend too.

I remember Chorong just crying and asking why Kim did that.

What Kim is claiming right now – saying that Chorong’s friends told Kim that Chorong wants to beat her up’, and how Chorong dragging Kimto an alleyway slapping her and kicking her in the shin and saying, ‘I didn’t like the way you smiled at me’ – is not true.

During the argument, I did get physical with Kim and I realize that is wrong. However, there was no group assault against Kim.

Also, there was no one in our group of friends who told her to take her clothes off.

Earlier in February, I received a call from Chorong for the first time. I didn’t feel good because it seemed that Chorong had been suffering for a few weeks already and was careful to talk about it. Some of our other friends and I were at the incident but what we remember is completely different from what Chorong had heard from Kim.

So we decided to call Kim to verify because I felt there were a lot of distorted things that were told to Chorong. Chorong didn’t want me to call Kim but then Kim was threatening Chorong by accusing her of group assault and threatened to end her career.

So I called Kim recently and was able to talk to her since we were close to each other when we were young.

However, what Kim said was completely different from what I remember. Kim said to me that Chorong was drunk and was promiscuous. Kim kept straying away from the real topic and kept talking about a completely different story.

I told her Chorong didn’t drink a lot and she can’t even handle alcohol.

When I told Kim that there was no group assault, Kim changed her story saying that it was only Chorong who hit her. Kim told me that she wants Chorong to retire and asked me to keep a neutral stance and told me that she won’t affect me or my family.
To be honest, I was angry because we were all friends.
I just regret that I wasn’t able to resolve the misunderstanding between Chorong and Kim. Kim accepted my apology but I don’t understand why she won’t accept Chorong’s.

The reason I am writing this is so that what is not true is revealed and I just hope that no one is targeted just because they are celebrities receiving too many criticisms and chastisement.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Looks like it was a fight between bulliesㅋㅋ However, she was underage drinking, that’s true.. Good-bye Chorong

2. I guess Chorong’s friend is a bully too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. It was a fight between bullies

4. The public is not stupid. Please reveal the recordingㅋㅋ

5. Is it funny to say that Chorong is a kid who can’t even handle alcohol?

6. The most important thing is whether Park Chorong ever assaulted Kim…

7. I don’t believe what a bully says

8. Park Chorong used to cry because of a man..?

9. Well, the friendship between bullies is amazingㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. It means you were one of the bullies who assaulted the victim

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