CIX’s Bae Jin Young, mentions “To see my girlfriend”? “Careless, regrets”

CIX's agency to take legal action against rumors after Bae Jin Young mentioned his 'girlfriend' during the live broadcast

On December 14, CIX’s BX and Hyunsuk held a live broadcast on V Live. The group was in Bangkok, Thailand to perform at the K-Met Festival 2019.

Outside the camera frame, Bae Jin Young was getting ready to leave, and Hyunsuk asked him where he was going. Bae Jin Young responded, “To see my girlfriend.” Hyunsuk asked, “Friend, what?” and BX said, “To meet a friend.” Hyunsuk said, “Oh, NU’EST’s Hwang Minhyun sunbaenim,” and BX agreed, saying, “Yeah, sunbaenim.”

Later, during CIX’s talk section at the K-Met Festival 2019, Bae Jin Young explained that he met with Minhyun earlier to chat and eat chicken together.

Nonetheless, the word “girlfriend” led to confusion, and unconfirmed rumors began to spread online.

On December 15, C9 Entertainment released the following statement on CIX’s social media accounts:

“Hello, this is C9 Entertainment.

We have already gathered the posts of an illegal nature that are being falsely or maliciously spread regarding the statement made by a member during the V Live [broadcast] that was held in Thailand the day prior. We will be taking strong legal action against them. (Additionally report to the email address

Please take caution to avoid being legally punished for spreading rumors that are clearly false regardless of your reason for doing so.”

C9 Entertainment also revealed in a separate statement, “The member who explained he was meeting a close hyung in an inappropriate way is sincerely regretting his thoughtless comment and has promised to behave more carefully after speaking with the

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1. [+4514, -865] Who should we blame for his mistake? He was the one who mentioned his girlfriend.

2. [+3192, -721] He said he had a girlfriend with his own mouth but they are suing the hate commentersㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+2554, -679] They take legal action against something he said himselfㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+749, -257] I think it was a joke though

5. [+760, -338] Jinyoung’s fans know what kind of kid he is so no one is attacking him, but the haters are writing hate comments.

6. [+827, -515] Who knew that it would blow up this big? Jinyoung has always been good. The fans know that, so let’s find strength!

7. [+347, -41] Isn’t he just joking…? Looks like there are so many people ready to kill others because of a jokeㅋㅋㅋ I bet that he’s so scared now that he won’t be able to joke again.

8. [+549, -267] Don’t be merciful. I want you to sue all the bad guys.

9. [+307, -31] That’s not a big deal. It’s hard to be a celebrity these days.

10. [+244, -20] It’s pitiful for celebrities to face things like this… Isn’t that a joke?

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