A Twitter user admits to spreading false rumors regarding two idols going to Itaewon bar

Clarifying rumors Jungkook went to Itaewon club

A Twitter user has admitted to spreading false rumors about two idols visiting a bar during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Twitter user claimed that last month during the late hours of April 25, a top idol group member ‘A’ and another top idol group member ‘B’ spent time at a bar in Itaewon. After the news made headlines, the Twitter user posted a handwritten apology about spreading false rumors. The apology states that the idol member ‘A’ had no role in the story and that they were sorry for causing harm due to their false story.

Representatives of the two artists in question have stated that they were unable to confirm the rumor because it was a “private matter,” and the Twitter user stated in their apology that they were “really sorry in regards to how the rumor spread. I will try my best to put out the fire I started. I am sorry towards the people affected by this. I will try to explain the writings from the past. I ask that you take down any posts in regards to this.”

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