Compare BTS V’s outfit today with the model photo

original post: theqoo

1. I can’t see the clothes because I just look at V’s face

2. I think his hairstyle is weirder than his clothes…

3. A model is definitely a model. V also digested it so well

4. V’s face is so pretty, so he’s good at digesting excessive stuff, but today, from gloves to necklaces and sunglasses, it’s all a mess…

5. BTS’ coordi is the worst

6. Coordi, please wake up… You’re not doing your job well…

7. Honestly, Kim Taehyung saved that outfit

8. Wow, the coordi gave him that outfit? He’s so kind, he’s an angel

9. Their coordi is like an anti.. Big Hit hasn’t changed the coordi yet?

10. Coordi-ah seriously.. I have nothing more to say..

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