Compare Calvin Klein ads featuring BLACKPINK’s Jennie taken by top photographers in the industry

Hong Jang Hyun

Kim Hee Joon

For reference, the other photos that she worked with photographer Hong Jang Hyun

This legendary photo was also taken by this person!

Photographer Kim Hee Joon who worked really hard for the album jacket photos, teaser photos

original post: theqoo

1. Jennie is so pretty and her body is pretty too.. I envy her

2. Jennie is crazy.. I feel like she looks good with everything they give her. And she really has a lot of fans

3. Kim Hee Joon’s photos are more emotional, I think Calvin Klein will like it

4. Jennie is crazy, her poses are no joke

5. 1 is just what advertisers will love!

6. Jennie’s charm seems to be better preserved in 2

7. 2, If Jennie is a model, it’s important for her to stand out

8. I like Hong Jang Hyun’s style better ㅠ

9. The second photographer seems to suit Jennie a little better

10. I can’t choose, the photos are all beautiful