Composing skills of BTS V … (very surprising)

If you only see V on stage, V’s songs have unexpected sensitivity that doesn’t match his strong on stage.

1. Latest self-composed song released ‘Winter bear’

2. Scenery

3. 4 O’Clock

4. The song has not been published

5. BTS “Spring Day” version of V

Version of V is not selected, but “Spring Day” version we know is selected.

V’s composing style so far reveals affection, healing and soothing music .. Pop songs feel good.

If you look at his stage image, it’s different from his lyrical songs, but for fans, it’s a great composing style.
All songs are warm and the melody is very good.

Uh … I’m leaving some photos of V peaceful and warm

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1. I love ‘Spring Day’ version of V.

2. ‘Spring Day’ version of V is my taste

3. I’m not a BTS fan, but I’m surprised to hear ‘4 O’Clock’ on the radio. It’s a great song and is my favorite song.

4. ‘Spring Day’ version of V must be released

5. Taehyung’s unique feelings are really interesting

6. At first, V attracted me because he’s handsome, but after listening to ‘Scenery’ written by V, I became interested in the inner and emotional of V.

7. I love ‘Winter bear’ a lot.

8. I had lost sleep, but when I listened to V’s music before going to bed, I felt comfortable.

9. If you listen to ‘Winter bear’ warm music, it’s really pure and clear.

10. I think he’s really good at writing songs and I think he’s really good at visualizing them.

11. It’s warm, it’s healing songs

12. The more you know about him, the better he is. He has a lot of talent and charm.

13. V really special. I love these lyrical and warm feelings.

14. If you listen, you can feel how V sees the world, it’s so warm that I feel comforted.

15. I thought he was just a visual member, but V is really good things for an idol. He is the best idol.

16. The melodies really make people feel comfortable.

17. When I listen to ‘Scenery’, I really feel comfortable. This song ‘Winter bear’ is really warm.

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