Controversy in outfits discrimination at BLACKPINK concerts

Jennie had a different outfit for every concert.

Rosé‘s outfits have a similar design. To be honest, Lisa wore the same outfit for every single concert in their Asian tour.

I don’t blame Jennie here. I only talk about discrimination among members.

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1.[+252, -7] Seriously, why should this not be controversial???? Are fans crazy about this??? If my bias is Lisa, Rose or Jisoo, then I will be very angry. If I’m a fan of BLACKPINK, I will resist 100%

2. [+207, -7] But she rewore the outfits once or twice, if this becomes controversial, her fans will crowd here again and try to hush this down. They are pushing Jennie to death and only care about Jennie’s outfits. If she comes out with a style that stands out more, her fans will go like it’s because her style stands out more that she’s doing better than the other members.

3. [+106, -4] Have you watched the video of YG trainee? They are discriminating against trainees based on their family’s wealth level, her family is rich. She didn’t have the appearance or skill back then but they pushed her into a female GD …

4. [+74, -3] Does Lisa make money?

5. [+69, -4] That’s why she thinks she is a princess.

6. [+62, -1] Lisa is very popular in Southeast Asia, I regret to know that she is very popular but is in the drugstore. Youtube power like this is created by Southeast Asian fans. Lisa’s fans in Southeast Asia killed Jennie.

7. [+59, -4] The ex-YG trainee said why she left, they were discriminating between trainees. Lisa has the best looks and talent, but her family is not rich.