“Korea’s independence mansae”… Controversy over BTS’s Japanese subtitles on Vlive

On the 14th, the BTS members were playing the game together in ‘RUN BTS’. While playing the game, Jungkook screamed, “Korea’s independence mansae”

Jungkook’s “Korea’s independence mansae” is translated into subtitles for many different countries. But the Japanese subtitle was “hurray for Korea”

Controversial subtitles were provided by Vlive of Naver

original post: theqoo

1. “Controversial subtitles were provided by Vlive of Naver”, Why did they do that? ㅠㅠ Are they afraid of Japanese fans?

2. Naver must make money from Japanese fans, so they had to change the subtitles.. What a shame

3. Is Naver crazy? How did they change the subtitles like that?

4. Naver is crazy… Where are their nationalities?

5. The subtitles of Big Hit on Weverse is right, but the subtitles on Naver’s Vlive is different, so that’s the problem of Naver..

6. What the hell is Naver doing?

7. Is Naver a Japanese company? Why?

8. This is Naver’s fault. Why did you change the subtitles of “Korea’s independence mansae” by Jungkook?

9. I’m gonna watch “RUN BTS” on Weverse from now on

10. Naver is disgusting

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