Depending on your taste, you will either prefer the Asian-beauty or Western-beauty

On the left, Cosmic Girls’ Luda
On the right, Angelina Danilova

original post: theqoo

1. Angelina Danilova is pretty, Luda is pretty and cute

2. Luda is so pretty … Luda suits my taste better

3. Luda is pretty but her beauty is not the typical Asian beauty

4. I’m a woman, but Luda looks prettier

5. Angelina Danilova has quite Asian beauty, don’t you know she’s especially popular in Korea?ㅋㅋ Anyway, the two of them are so pretty

6. Luda’s face looks so small

7. Angelina Danilova is so pretty, her vibe and aura are crazy

8. I’m a person who loves Western beauty!

9. Both are pretty, but I don’t think they’re the typical beauty of the East and the West

10. Both are pretty, but my taste is Asian beauty

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