Cosmic Girls, Unexpectedly ranked #1 on real-time Genie Music Chart … up 119 steps

Cosmic Girls' new song 'Boogie Up' suddenly ranked #1 on Genie Music chart
Cosmic Girls' new song 'Boogie Up' suddenly ranked #1 on Genie Music chart

Cosmic Girls‘ new song ‘Boogie Up‘ topped the real-time Genie Music chart at 7 am June 7. It’s an unusual chart that jumped 119 steps.

Genie Music said: “We constantly check the internal situation.” According to the analysis that Chinese Fandom has increased rankings by some action. But Genie said that their servers are not accessible from China.

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1.[+134, -50] Machine.

2. [+92, -29] If that is true, that means they have used the machine. Cosmic Girls’s fandom isn’t that big.

3. [+95, -33] Chinese fans said they didn’t do it. Starship, I want you to give me some feedback on how you did it.

4. [+72, -14] Why can’t you get access to Korea from China? You give VPN and I will show you how Chinese fans deal with Koreans in Produce 48. And what’s even more ridiculous is that once ranked #1 in Genie’s real time, the song fell and pushed out of the top 20, which proves that there is no support from the public.

5. [+48, -14] It’s a lack of know-how.

6. [+33, -1] Penetrating Genie from abroad. Chinese fans do that with Genie. Chinese fans tried to do that with Melon from the previous album, but they couldn’t overcome it. This time, they did that to Genie.

7. [+36, -10] If you do that, would the singers feel good?

8. [+35, -16] Fans want to help their idols, but if you win in this way, it will be counterproductive and you will explain exactly what you are doing with that abnormality.

9. [+26, -9] Chinese fans did that. Cosmic Girls’ Chinese fandom is quite large.

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