Court dismisses Seungri’s arrest warrant … “It’s difficult to recognize the necessity for detention”

Court dismisses Seungri's arrest warrant

On January 13, head judge Song Kyung Ho dismissed the second pretrial detention warrant request after questioning the accused. He stated, “Considering the contents of the criminal charges that have been laid, well as the accused’s role, degree of involvement, and room for contention within those charges, the progress of the investigation, collection of evidence, and the accused’s behavior in cooperating with the investigation, it is difficult to recognize the necessity for detention.”

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1. [+1757, -8] That’s why he laughed when he came out. He already knows that.

2. [+734, -8] The power of money is amazing

3. [+660, -5] So what do we have to do to get him arrested? rotting things

4. [+641, -8] Sigh … Our country is really crazy… Reform of the judiciary is essential.

5. [+408, -5] Seungri has come to victoryㅋ How can the judge dismiss his arrest warrant?ㅋ

6. [+100, -4] He laughed even in this situation, he looked like a psychopathㅋㅋㅋ If he was a normal person, he would have been arrested for soliciting prostitution, r*pe, gambling and drugs.

7. [+102, -5] Look at his face… He has no remorse.

8. [+78, -2] What’s the law if he’s not arrested?

9. [+49, -0] Our country is becoming rotten~

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