CRAVITY and EXO plagiarism

Can’t you guys understand the plagiarism accusations just by looking at this??

World views, logos, music videos, etc…They seem to copy everything from EXO!!‼️‼️‼️

I’m not swearing at CRAVITY but their agency Starship, so don’t swear at other artists ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

CRAVITY and EXO plagiarism

Left – CRAVITY, Right – EXO

To be honest, even people who aren’t fans and who looked at that thought that they were exactly the same, you can’t even distinguish between EXO and CRAVITY at this point. This is so obvious….

The parallel universe concept

EXO’s parallel universe concept

CRAVITY’s parallel universe concept
“Through the means of dragging you in our universe (parallel world)…”

If you go to the link above, it’s not a fans’ guess, it’s an article ㅠㅠ

EXO’s logo


When I look at this, I feel like it’s plagiarism…

Left – CRAVITY, Right – EXO

You’d think it’s the same MV…ㅋㅋㅋ

EXO’s logo is shaped through a rotational cuboid and if you watch CRAVITY’s MV, they’re rotating the exact same way



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1. [+330, -13] I feel like that kid from the class next to yours who copied the work you’ve been experimenting on for your university degree for the past 6 years……

9 members came out from the reality world to coexist in a parallel universe

2. [+271, -7] They just copied and pasted

3. [+195, -8] Please clarify this;;

4. [+137, -2] Isn’t it too crazy to touch their logo? EXO-Ls pride themselves so much in their logos

5. [+134, -4] This is noise marketing. Don’t watch their MVs. If you raise their view counts, this will never be solved

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