CRAVITY plagiarizing again?

They plagiarized Treasure’s MV

They’ve plagiarized EXO’s logo + Overdose MV + Tempo MV + Thursday MV + Call Me Baby MV

NCT 127 Cherry Bomb choreography


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1. [+309, -23] Wow, they’re just at the level of copying and pasting EXO’s MV?

2. [+251, -8] I’m a fan of another group but although some of them look like a stretch, the square cube from EXO..? It’s completely the same

3. [+69, -2] EXO-Ls didn’t curse CRAVITY, they cursed the agencyㅋㅋ The fans of other groups are so bad~ Why did you guys do that? Then the fans of other groups cursed EXO-Ls

4. [+66, -28] CRAVITY in another plagiarism controversy again

5. [+45, -9] They copied ‘Cherry Bomb’ choreography

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