Crowdfunding campaign status for IZ*ONE’s contract extension on WADIZ

On April 21st KST, a crowdfunding campaign took off on WADIZ to petition the extension of contract of the project group IZ*ONE. The funding amount reached a whopping 737,855,670 KRW (about $659,571 USD) the first 10 minutes into the official campaign lunch.

Currently, more than 1.2 billion KRW

original post: theqoo

1. Why don’t they care about the members’ thoughts? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I got goosebumps

2. If you are a fan, please respect the members’ decisions…

3. What about members’ opinions? It seems they aren’t respecting the members’ decisions

4. What are they going to do with this money? It seems a lot to us but the labels won’t budge with that amount

5. I can’t curse at them because I understand the fans’ thoughts. Fans must be so sad that they can’t do anything when IZ*ONE disbanded..

6. I understand the fans’ thoughts, but they are really selfishㅋㅋㅋㅋ They just do this for themselves

7. This just puts IZ*ONE members in an awkward position. The members likely have their own plans for another group after IZ*ONE disbands

8. They are stupid

9. Even though I’m a fan, I think this is embarrassing and ugly

10. The dumbest crowdfunding campaign I’ve ever seen this year

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