Cube Entertainment apologizes for Shuhua’s Taiwan flag

Hello, this is Cube Entertainment.
First, we would like to apologize to all of the fans who supported (G)I-DLE.
The problem arose due to a faulty editing on the broadcast, we pointed out the mistakes and asked the broadcasters to re-edit the scene.
This video is not a video produced by our company so we weren’t in a position to validate the company who shot this program and edited this program adding the graphics. We ask for your understanding. We are planning to re-upload the video once it’s re-edited.
Please wait. Sorry for causing worry.

original post: theqoo

1. Why are they apologizing for using the Taiwanese flag on a Taiwanese???

2. Stop touching Tzuyu and Shuhua, seriously Taiwanese people are from Taiwan

3. Oh my gosh, don’t apologize for this, are they obsessed with Chinese money?

4. Why are they apologizing?

5. Cube is a pathetic company that is obsessed with Chinese money

6. It reminds me of Tzuyu crying and apologizing. Seriously, stop touching Tzuyu and Shuhua…

7. It’s a trash company

8. Anyone who sees this thinks it’s a Chinese company

9. We can’t call Taiwanese people Taiwanese

10. I hate China, and I hate entertainment companies begging from China;

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