A well-raised group earned 5000 billion won for the Korean economy

Cultural impact and economic efficiency that BTS brings to Korea

The increase in the number of foreigners due to BTS, an average of about 790,000 annually.
The economic impact of BTS totals 5000 billion won or more.

(Hyundai Economic Research Institute)

Cultural impact and economic efficiency that BTS brings to Korea

BTS is expected to bring the Korean economy up in the next decade. The economic impact is about 55 trillion won

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1.Conquer the world from culture to economy!

2. Great. 800,000 people.

3. I was impressed that fans of BTS went to Daegu – Gwangju. They care about the history of every member …

4. It’s good to have many visits to Korea thanks to BTS and many people interested in Korean culture.

5. I’m proud to see such a thing.

6. This is much more wonderful than the military service.

7. The power of culture that BTS brings.

8. However, I think it would be better to exempt military service for idols, who have a positive impact on the national economy, by raising their income tax by 1% compared to ordinary taxes instead of military service.

9. I have been living abroad for 4 years, I realized that BTS is really famous abroad. My friends came to BTS concert this time ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

10. I think the exemption from military service is not necessary, but postpone it to create national interests.

11. I think it’s really great about cultural impact as well as economic efficiency. I hope that the Korean Wave market like Kpop and drama will become bigger in the world thanks to BTS.

12. BANG SHI HYUK: I wonder how he can gather kids like this …

13. I live in America, my husband and I talk about BTS and listen to their music on the radio. It’s great when Korean singers are recognized overseas. When I went to work, I felt great when I listened to BTS songs on the radio.

14. I wonder if there might be another group like this in Korea.

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