Current status of Lovelyz’s SNS accounts

Lovelyz’s Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and even Vlive accounts all changed their photos for DRIPPIN’s next comeback

Lovelyz’s group name was removed from the homepage right after their contract ended

original post: theqoo

1. Crazy.. It’s not DRIPPIN’s fault, but why are they promoting a rookie group that way? Woollim is crazy, what are you doing with Lovelyz’s SNS accounts after they left the agency without releasing any songs?

2. Even though they have the same agency, they are completely different groups, Woollim is disgusting

3. I thought Lovelyz would come back with a song called DRIPPIN, but is it another group name??

4. Wow, Woollim is crazy, they’re ignoring Lovelyz’s fans

5. This annoys me even though I’m not a fan of Lovelyz

6. Woollim is trash, they have no conscience

7. I feel bad even though I’m not a fan. What are they marketing like that for?

8. Do they know what morality and conscience are?

9. No, what the hell are they doing????

10. I don’t think this is good for a group called DRIPPIN