“Contract dispute” Kang Daniel, can pursue independent activities

The exclusive contract between Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment has been suspended, and LM Entertainment must not interfere in Kang Daniel’s activities, and they must not negotiate or sign contracts on his behalf or require him to pursue activities on their behalf.

As a result of the Seoul District Courts’ decision to accept his request, Kang Daniel will be able to pursue independent activities as a celebrity.


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1.[+1468, -13] Kang Daniel, congratulations! I sincerely support your future activities!

2. [+1044, -16] Oh, Daniel, finally… Over the last time, fans believed him and will continue to support his choice. May the glory be upon the brave Kang Daniel who has chosen the right path even if he is ‘sick’. Kang Daniel and his fans were doing well, and it will be better in the future. I love you, beautiful Kang Daniel, who glowed more in the dark.

3. [+816, -11] Thank you, Kang Daniel. Thanks to his fans for waiting for him. I cried. Can I see you on the solo stage now? I’m so glad to hear Kang Daniel, fighting! And all the members, fighting. I pray for all the good things that happen.

4. [+609, -13] Nice, you’ve been working so hard time. I miss you so much.

5. [+547, -9] Congratulations, Daniel. Thank you. It’s a courage and great. Now everything’s gonna be okay.

6. [+82, -1] It was just an article showing how his agency violated the standard contract. And then they attacked the singer with hundreds of false media articles. We need to get him out of there.

7. [+67, -11] I missed you so much, Kang Daniel. Thank you all for joining us. I’m a fan, but I wanted to tell you this.

8. [+55, -2] You finally did it. I welcome the decision to protect the weak and eliminate the wrong actions of the agency. I wish Kang Daniel a great success in the future.

9. [+44, -2] Winning for Kang Daniel’s independence!!!!

10. [+42, -2] I hope to see you on stage as soon as possible, Kang Daniel, cheer you on.

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