U.S. sculpture artist, “TWICE’s MV plagiarized my work, legal team had been set up”

U.S. sculpture artist Davis McCarty has expressed his position regarding the controversy over plagiarism of sculptures in the music video of the group TWICE.

“Our legal team and I take this plagiarism very seriously,” he said. He recognized the situation as “plagiarism” and made it clear that a legal team had been set up.

“We are in the process of talking with TWICE, JYP, and NAIVE,” he explained.

“I want them to do honest work, and I want them to work this out with me,” said Davis McCarty.

original post: theqoo

1. I think we should get the music video off quickly, even until the problem is solved…

2. I think NAIVE really should stop working right now

3. I think it’s been a week since I saw this, but it’s still not resolved. What the hell is JYP doing?

4. JYP and TWICE recognized the problem and immediately contacted and apologized. They also asked NAIVE to resolve it. The problem is NAIVE

5. What is TWICE’s fault? NAIVE should be responsible for the criticism, and they should be blamed. Strictly speaking, TWICE is a victim too

6. This is Kpop’s disgrace. What the hell are you doing while other idols are trying to raise the status of Kpop?

7. Please stop working with NAIVE… And please stop blaming TWICE

8. Only TWICE is pitiful

9. What’s wrong with NAIVE really?

10. Shouldn’t we change the music video?

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