“Denied entry, detention, s*xual harassment” … BTS fan meeting

"Denied entry, detention, s*xual harassment" … BTS fan meeting

About “1000 ARMYs who bought tickets were denied entry”.

Most of the protesters are parents and middle school students and elementary students.

A group of attendees from ‘BTS 5th Muster‘ were “s*xually harassed” according to their words.

"Denied entry, detention, s*xual harassment" … BTS fan meeting

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1.[+944, -182] I’m really frustrated. Who bought tickets and made fake student papers? Because people who just bought their tickets for their own money can’t get in and get stuck. That’s right. It’s a rumor that 6000 people didn’t get in? 6000 or 60 people, it’s your ticket, but it’s a problem if you get stuck in the wrong way. I mean, does this matter how many people we’re dealing with?

2. [+582, -90] I wish I could pull BTS out. BTS is not related to that.

3. [+531, -209] How many fans does it keep happening to Big Hit? Don’t tell me that you’re putting your fans first. Please show them with your actions.

4. [+154, -6] *If a person subscribes to ‘BTS 5th Muster’ through the direct family’s member ID and wins a fan meeting, he or she can only enter (1) Ticket registration certificate (2) The original family relationship certificate (3) the original person ID card (4) the fan meeting reservation document. *The person who holds the document is not allowed to transfer the ticket to each other. (The ticket holder is registered as a student in the student registration certificate attached to the original year. Please read the notice before you object.

5. [+137, -13] There are no real victims among the people who are writing comments right now, but there seems to be only anti… Is it true that the YG Drug News posted the headline next to our singer’s name with a word of s*xual harassment? You’re a bitch.

6. [+301, -180] Big Hit, an unethical, immoral, inhumane agency

7. [+256, -137] Apologize from Big Hit and refund it in full.

8. [+93, -2] What’s funny about controversy is that they’re all caricatures. No evidence. Big Hit puts a notice in it that the general reservation is not a direct family member. Big Hit didn’t copy their ID cards and allowed them to certify themselves in a variety of ways. Who paid them to buy tickets? I watched the concert without any problems.

9. [+90, -3] I hope you don’t say it’s true. Don’t tell me if you’re not sure.

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