‘Produce X 101’ contestants exposing the show “Contest songs leaked, internal results”

Details of Starship, MBK, and Woollim's involvement in "Produce X 101" scandal

One of the former contestants confessed that he knew who would get an easier ride on the show right off the bat.

I immediately knew that this agency would make it. They got more screen time. That agency was Starship. They got so much special treatment that some of the contestants started calling the show “Produce Starship”. – Former contestant

Another former contestant revealed that one of the contestants from Starship Entertainment even knew the song that they would perform ahead of time.

A Starship contestant revealed what song we were going to perform, and that caused a commotion. I heard their choreographer told them. So they had been practicing since before the competition. – Former contestant

But he continued that from the perspective of the contestants from Starship Entertainment, they felt extremely pressured.

They said they were getting a lot of pressure. Their agency was telling them that the reason why they were popular was because of what they did for them. So they told them to stop being cocky. – Former contestant

Details of Starship, MBK, and Woollim's involvement in "Produce X 101" scandal

A former audition contestant of CJ E&M testified that they heard the producer talking about how they were originally going to pass 2 contestants from MBK Entertainment, but that they only passed 1 instead.

Furthermore, a former contestant revealed what he heard a contestant from Woollim Entertainment saying and how that made him realize that the results were predetermined.

I was shocked by the final results. I also heard one of the trainees say that he knew he wasn’t going to make it because his team leader at Woollim Entertainment told him so. He said Woollim was only going to debut one trainee. That’s when I knew the results were predetermined. – Former Contestant

Regarding this revelation, the CEO of one agency shared that he already knew most of the show was set up.

I didn’t think all 11 members would make it to the debut group in a fair manner. There was probably a relationship of co-existence between the agencies with money or lots of connections. – CEO of an agency


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1. [+607, -41] Please don’t hate on the kids who have been practicing hard because they’re victims of adults disillusioned with capitalism.

2. [+444, -32] What’s wrong with the trainees? The problem is that adults have used their desperation and dreams

3. [+419, -29] All responsibility lie with the crew and PDs, so let’s not blame 101 trainees for the incident.

4. [+341, -84] Is that all about it…? That’s not the result of the police’s investigation, they’ve done so many interviews though..?

5. [+219, -4] Seriously, what are they doing to the kids?

6. [+79, -3] What’s wrong with the trainees?,,, I feel bad for them

7. [+70, -3] All responsibilities lie with the production team and the broadcasting company and the target of criticism should be the production team and the broadcasting company.

8. [+106, -66] Why would you make such a fuss if you’re going to bring back all the gossip you’ve been talking about? You’re gonna need proof to admit it.

9. [+43, -4] What is the trainee’s crime?…

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