Did BTS and the media cut ties?

Seriously, there are almost no articles about BTS

I’m a fan of pop music, but it’s not supposed to be this quiet…

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1. [+648, -18] These aren’t kids who blew up because of media play and it seems they don’t like such things. You can feel it when you look at the questions being asked in the press conference

2. [+473, -6] What do you expect from a country where the media didn’t even talk about their stage at the Grammys?

3. [+381, -20] It makes me wonder if it would be better if Bang Si Hyuk was the type that usually uses media playㅋㅋ

4. [+188, -0] Even with Kim Yuna, American and Canadian media praised her achievements, while Korean reporters didn’t even know how amazing she is. In other words, our journalists just lack expertise.. They just don’t know how amazing BTS is

5. [+151, -0] For articles about BTS, it’s easier to look up foreign articlesㅋㅋㅋ

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