Kang Daniel’s ‘The Show’ #1 suspicions clarified… ‘Gaon Chart’ digital data obtained

Dispatch proves Kang Daniel's 'The Show' win is right

TOUCHIN’s digital point is 48,728,828. AOA’s ‘Come See Me’ is 10,877,791. The difference between the two is about 4 times.

Dispatch proves Kang Daniel's 'The Show' win is right

Gaon said, “We don’t aggregate chart rankings of specific music companies, such as Melon. Data from 12 music platform providers is aggregated to calculate Gaon point.”

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1. [+2195, -97] Congratulations on your first place, Kang Daniel. TOUCHIN is the best stage and gift for DANITY.

2. [+1704, -55] I just want people to feel sorry for turning an arrow towards a singer who worked hard on stage.

3. [+1590, -38] Thanks for confirming that there is no problem with Kang Daniel’s first place. Congratulations, I want to comfort him with my heart because he couldn’t enjoy winning. He has never said that he’s tired, but he has had a hard time because of hate comments. There are so many things to be thankful for, so don’t be sorry to the fans. Please come back after taking care of yourself. I’d like people to stop the bad guys and the antis that are swarming around every celebrity article.

4. [+1049, -20] Kang Daniel, I love you so much

5. [+871, -43] Kang Daniel was getting a ton of hate over this yesterday. I guess people have no problem beating him down without reason anymore.

6. [+373, -5] Even if it’s been proven that he won #1 fair and square, he was attacked for the past two days and haters are still going on now that the truth is out like “oh well”. Although he has been proven worthy of winning, but who can compensate for Kang Daniel and his fandom for their psychological damage?

7. [+261, -0] Four times the difference… Why did he get the swearing without reason like this?

8. [+229, -0] If people had a problem with him winning, all they had to do was take it up with ‘The Show’. Instead, they hated on himㅠㅠ This is so upsetting. The points are all right there, from streaming to downloads to BGMs.

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