[Exclusive] GOT7, all 7 members going their separate ways… Not renewing with JYP

All of GOT7 will be leaving JYP Entertainment.

The boys’ contract with JYP Entertainment ended recently after they signed in 2014. An insider said, “The GOT7 members are all very close. They wanted to stay together, but they split on which label to stay with. After a lot of talking, they decided to go their separate ways.”

The only person whose new label is confirmed is Jinyoung, who will be signing with BH Entertainment. Yugyeom is rumored to be signing with AOMG, Youngjae is rumored to be signing with Sublime Artist, Jackson will be continuing with his Team Wang, and Mark will be returning to America where he’ll be preparing his own YouTube channel.

Another insider said, “The members love GOT7. They promised to set aside time to do GOT7 promotions.” cr

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1. The fans must be so sad

2. Thank you for doing so well during the past 7 years. Thanks so much. Goodbye JYP~~

3. GOT7 has members that I like, so I always watch their stages… It’s a bit embarrassing that a group that I think has a pretty strong overseas fandom disbanded like this…

4. The GOT7 members all have good skills, so I think they’ll do well elsewhere..

5. They said they would do GOT7 promotions, but it’s hard when they’re in different agencies… Maybe this is the last activity

6. There’s something weird…

7. I will support GOT7 members. Thank you for your efforts during the past 7 years💚

8. I’m crying ㅠㅠㅠ I’ve been a fan since their debut, but time flies so fast. Thanks to you, I laughed and lived… Thank you so much for being the greatest comfort in my life… I have been so happy for the past 7 years

9. I just feel sorry for the fans

10. Are there any groups that have successfully renewed their contracts with JYP so far?

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