[Exclusive] “Seo Ye Ji is the controller”… Kim Jung Hyun’s rude behavior in ‘Time’

Dispatch claims Seo Ye Ji was a mastermind behind Kim Jung Hyun’s rude behavior towards Seohyun on the set of drama series ‘Time’.

On April 12th, media outlet Dispatch revealed a set of text messages between Seo Ye Ji, who was then Kim Jung Hyun’s girlfriend, and Kim Jung Hyun. Dispatch says Seo Ye Ji was a mastermind behind his disrespectful actions and criticized Kim Jung Hyun for being unprofessional because of his private love life.

Below are excerpts from their text messages.

Seo Ye Ji: Stiff Kim, refrain from all physical contact.
Kim Jung Hyun: Yes, ma’am.
Seo: Why don’t you report what you did today?
Kim: I didn’t even say hello to female staff. Totally acted uninterested to everyone else.

Kim: Only you can touch my hand.
Seo: Do everything without passion. No physical contacts.
Kim: Yes, ma’am. I’m Stiff Kim!
Seo: Are you behaving yourself?

Seo: How did you greet people?
Kim: (sent a video) I didn’t even say hi.
Seo: You don’t have to say hello to them (staffs) anyway. If they do it first then you can respond gruffly.

Kim: I keep on reading my script. Without doing anything else.
Seo: Adjust the script so it won’t have any romantic scenes.
Kim: Yeah I’m reading the script.
Seo: Okay, do your best. No romance or physical contact.

Below are reports from the insiders and staff of the drama series.

“He constantly requested to adjust the script on set. If his requests weren’t met, he then ran out and dry heaved.”

“Writer Choi had his cecum removed so he had to write while having blood bag attached. Everyone was serious on the project.”

“Press release incident was unprecedented. Whenever Seohyun tried to immerse herself in the role, he would hinder her. She had hard times. Cried a lot.”

“There was a scene Seohyun getting hit by a car and he said he would just stop the car with his hands. He’s not ‘iron man’.” cr

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1. This couple is ugly. They are so unprofessional

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8. If it’s true, Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun are ugly and weird, but Dispatch is scary too

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10. Oh my God.. The two of them ruined a drama. The two of them should officially apologize to the ‘Time’ crew