NCT Taeyong, the whole story of the controversy over words and actions… “The informant’s Kakao Talk was edited”


original post: theqoo

1. If you look at the messages between Taeyong and the victim, everything seems to have ended really well and they’re friends now, but why did the informant do that?

2. Wow, he even tried to invite the victim to his concert.. I think he did well

3. There are so many malicious commentsㅋㅋ SM, let’s sue!! Please~

4. Taeyong really tried to keep in contact with the victim even though he was busy… He deserves to be forgiven for his past mistakes

5. What is the purpose of the informant?????? I don’t understand why the informant tried to ruin Taeyong?

6. He handled the victim well, but why did the informant do that?

7. SM, please sue the informant..

8. The informant is scary… Taeyong-ah, find strength!!!

9. So what is the relationship between the victim and the informant? I’m really curious

10. The relationship between the victim and Taeyong was smoothly resolved, and now they are friends. Why do the informant pretend to be the victim’s spokesperson and say untrue things? This is crazy

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