YG’s New Building’s Condition

District Residents Protesting Against YG Building Their New Office in Their Area
  1. YG Yang Hyunsuk wake up and pay back for us citizens!!
  2. Yang Hyunsuk has on shame!!
  3. Move that parking entrance in front of your old company!!
  4. We don’t want to breath your company’s pollution and operations waste!!
  5. The residents who live in the dust are dying everyday!!
  6. This terrible business should treat the neighborhood’s residents who contracted a disease because of them!!
  7. We have to cease companies like them who just trivialize other’s property!!
  8. Our residents who lived watching the sunlight, we won’t see nor the sun nor the moon anymore!!
  9. Stop pretending with your arrogance!!
  10. We will deal with it through the media!!

They’re fighting

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1.[+90, -6] Before they even start building their new office, it’s already a failure

2. [+88, -97] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ But those apartment around the new office were already concerned because of their dropping real estate prices even before the plan of a new building. They are building it legally ^^^ I’m not shielding them, I’m just saying the facts

3. [+87, -4] They said that the new building will look like that ㅋㅋㅋ The current building is already super tall, imagine how tall is the new one that they won’t be able to see the sun anymore

4. [+24, -5] To that commenter in the best replies, it doesn’t have to do with them keeping the laws, they should’ve done it ethically..

6. [+15, -0] No matter what you say, the YG fans will still support them, this is from Theqoo.

(saying how the residents have no shame, etc.)

7. [+15, -1] Unrelated, but what happened with Mix9?

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