April Lee Naeun’s rep “Go Young Wook’s statement = an edit”

“Lee Naeun has never made the comment in the controversial chat log. The screenshot was fabricated. It was fabricated a long time ago, but it’s spreading again.” – DSP Media

original post: theqoo

1. As for the other comments below, all comments are edited?

2. How can we know if it is edited or not?

4. Okay, I hope it’s an edit

5. Is it an edit or not? Proof?

6. If so, where is the original?

7. There are many lies, so I don’t know who to trust

8. Then, if you insist it was an edit, you should bring out the original photo

9. If it’s an edit, please provide me the original

10. I don’t think it’s an edit;; I’d rather believe it’s another person with the same name

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